Welcome to Shubh Consultancy!

Shubh Consultancy derives its names from the ancient Sanskrit scriptures where Shubh resembles ‘Auspicious’. With an ever changing economic milieu, Shubh believes in working with infused creative approach. Greater the investment greater the responsibilities involved, Shubh minimizes risks involved and financial saddle with creative strategies. Buying and selling are majorly and financial and emotional undertaking. By-gone is the era when you had the word-of-the-mouth publicity or advertising. Delivering true promises, Shubh is the name you can trust when it comes to real estate.

Reeling under the Real Estate market since ages, Shubh Consultancy has vast experience for worthwhile investment opportunities. Delivering Value for money since decades, Shubh assists to Buy, Sell, Rent or Own commercial or Residential plots.

We assist you with every baby-steps of real estate market with our wide-spread professional network. Strategic and well-planned decisions from experienced market-players, Shubh delivers the best-in-the-market.